We Are Martians

Martian Arts was founded in 2010. It began one night around a fire, with the implacable ambition of making a better world by telling stories, and with a whole lot of coffee.

Stories have the power to change us.To make us believe.
It is through stories that we learn that monsters, no matter how terrifying, can be defeated.
It is through stories that we understand that conquering what we desire is not only possible but also closer than we´d expected.
That´s why we´re multimedia storytellers. Our job is to create that suspension of disbelief.
We want to tell your story, share your purpose with your audience, your clients.
Make them realize how you can solve their conflicts.How you can help them reach what they desire.

Why are we here?

  • To exceed your goals 80%

  • Personal communication 70%

  • Long-term relationships 90%

  • Test subjects for our probes 20%

Staff´s favourite genres:

  • Sci Fi & Fantasy 45%

  • Comedy 35%

  • Horror 5%

  • Anything by Joss Whedon 15%

Staff´s favourite office beverages:

  • Coffe 65%

  • More Coffee 30%

  • Tea 5%